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50 percent of executives are concerned about delivering a consumer-grade experience. 4 percent of HR executives believe they deliver an exemplary employee experience





  • Fractured candidate and employee experience hurting brand
  • Low HR effectiveness and efficiency affecting outcomes
  • Misaligned business and HR strategy disrupting transformation

Are you ready to start your human resource transformation journey?

Try the HR Accelerator, a digital diagnostic tool to develop a prioritized roadmap for your HR service delivery.


Start   Start

Align key stakeholders on guiding principles, must-win battles and project goals



Drive   Drive

Develop a comprehensive workplace transformation roadmap and manage change forward

HR Accelerator 

Discover   Discover

Discover   Discover

Analyze current state across technology, roles, organization structure, processes and content to determine areas of focus



Shape   Shape

Shape   Shape

Define future people service portfolio and new workplace interaction model along with role optimization

Our experts 

Armin von Rohrscheidt

Armin von Rohrscheidt

Global HR Transformation Leader, Mercer

Armin helps clients reinvent their human resources function to optimize its value and deliver an exemplary employee experience. He is the global expert for the Target Interaction Model architecture.



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Alberto Navarra

Italy HR Transformation Expert


Raphaele Nicaud

France HR Transformation Expert



Natalie Jacquemin

UK HR Transformation Expert


Akshat Joshi

South Asia HR Transformation Expert


Darryl Parrant

North Asia HR Transformation Expert


Ephraim Patrick

Australia HR Transformation Expert


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