Optimizing worksite clinics for greater health and productivity

Skyrocketing rates of chronic illness in the Philippines and across growth markets are a compelling reason for employers to use onsite health clinics as a strategy for reducing healthcare costs.

The modern Filipino lifestyle has contributed to an alarming increase in chronic, noncommunicable conditions, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory issues and diabetes. The public healthcare system does not sufficiently meet employees’ medical needs, leaving employers with the responsibility of bridging the gap through broad medical coverage — sending their health costs skyrocketing.

Onsite clinics—a legislative requirement of the Department of Labor and Employment — Bureau of Working Conditions (DOLE–BWC)— provide employers with an opportunity to both meet employee health needs and address escalating medical costs. A proactive clinic strategy can optimize existing spend by repositioning onsite clinic services to improve health outcomes, boost workforce productivity and better leverage available resources.

Advantages of Onsite Clinics — Wellness ROI

Companies can use data gathered from the clinic and claims filed to conduct a holistic analysis of workforce health trends. Based on this data, employers can use their onsite clinics to deliver wellness initiatives to prevent the onset of diseases in healthy workforce segments and to offer disease management programs to those already suffering from chronic ailments.

Employee Healthcare Journey: Impact on Company Resources and Productivity

Onsite clinics offer a number of advantages over offsite medical facilities from the HMO for both employees and employers, and can be used as a gatekeeping tool to bring benefits utilization costs down, particularly outpatient costs. Without access to a good onsite health clinic, employees are forced to visit offsite providers. This can result in fragmented care, added costs, and lost productivity, as well as the lost opportunity to gather valuable workforce health data.

Karla Torio
by Karla Torio

Health Management Consultant for Mercer Marsh Benefits, Philippines

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