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HR trasnformation at Siemens: the pillars of success
Calendar13 三月 2018

Michael Bokina from Siemens. In this fireside chat, Mr. Bokina shares the three key principles of HR Transformation at Siemens, namely - Core, Professional and Agile. He shares his experience of leading this transformation effort in a 350,000-people global conglomerate and what it takes to drive both efficiency and effectiveness of such a change management effort.

We have been in the midst of HR Transformation at Siemens for a few years now. And this transformation is based on three key principles, namely – Core, Professional and Agile.

I want to focus on ‘Core’ because when we speak of ‘Core’ in the context of HR Transformation, it means having a unique portfolio that drives competitive advantage for Siemens. Historically, we have always tried to do everything. Now what we are saying that there are certain things we do really well whether it is a process or an HR intervention, so we focus on those few rather than trying to do everything (without creating enough compelling value for the business while spreading ourselves too thin). So this concept of ‘Core’ is now really important to us at Siemens HR.





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